• Hydraulic bending machine software and cutting sheet metal bending double with two rotary rack which allows for faster operation and less space because the material does not turn around
  • Length of the machine is on buyer, width 1250mm entry sheet is supplied in two versions-with and without sheet feeders
  • The machine is fully computerized with CNC equipment of the latest generation
  • The computer has a memory of 1000 different operations and angles
  • Also, the management can also be done using the mobile Shoe
  • Hydraulic cylinders are placed on each mount bracket and working against the rail of each segment of the flying shears for cutting sheet metal
  • Motor-generator 3kw / 160br
  • Bending angle 145 *
  • Thickness - standard up to 1mm to 3mm other
  • Approval and 2 year warranty
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